Free Bee

Enhanced Free Software clone of The New York Times game Spelling Bee

What is Free Bee?

Free Bee is an enhanced Free Software clone of The New York Times game Spelling Bee. It has all the features of the original game and more, including the ability to play a nearly infinite number of randomly generated games. No longer are you stuck with only one game per day.

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Key improvements in Free Bee
Free to play, forever.
Free Software client. Code and game improvements always welcome and accepted on our GitHub repository. Or write your own client with our easy to use API!
Free Bee is not for sale!
One curated daily game per day and an infinite number of computer-generated games to play any time. Never be stuck waiting for the next daily game to play.
No hidden dictionary. Free Bee uses the Public Domain ENABLE dictionary as found here. Never again wonder why a word was not accepted. Even better, players can and should request the addition and removal of words via issues and pull requests. The dictionary should grow with the players.
Mobile and desktop friendly. Words can be written by typing them into the input box or clicking on the letters. Or, if you are on a device with a touchscreen, you can tap the letters to make words.

How to play

The goal of Free Bee is to make as many words as you can with the seven letters you are given. You do not have to use every letter and you can use letters more than once. The only requirements are that you must use the center letter at least once in every word and words must be at least four letters long. Every word has a point value:

Word length Points earned
Four 1
Five 5
Six 6
Seven 7
Eight 8
Nine 9
Ten 10
Eleven 11
Twelve 12
Thirteen 13
Fourteen 14
Fifteen 15

If you create a pangram, a word that uses all seven letters, you will score an additional seven points on top of the value of the word itself. Every game has at least one pangram and many games have more than one.

Can you earn enough points to earn the rank of Queen Bee?

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